Love to listen to music? Check out DIRECTV!

DIRECTV knows you want to listen. That’s why every DIRECTV subscription includes dozens of channels of high-quality music, organized by genre, all for free!

Start with channel 801 and take a look for yourself. You might not realize the huge variety. There’s something for everyone. Take a look:

60’s Revolution 803
70’s Hits 804
80’s Hits 805
90’s Hits 806
Adult Alternative 832
Adult Contemporary 821
Alternative 834
Big Band/Swing 801
Blues 854
Classic Jazz Vocal Blend 850
Classic R&B 842
Classic Rock 833
Contemporary Instrumentals 820
Dance 859
Fiesta Tropical 870
Full Metal Jacket 830
Gospel Glory 827
Great Standards 855
Hallelujah 828
Hit Country 809
Holidays & Happenings 815
Honky Tonk Tavern 811
Hot Jamz 825
Hottest Hits 818
Hurbano 875
Hype 847
Ink’d 835
Latin Hits 871
Latin Jazz 879
Light Classical 866
Love Songs 819
Malt Shop Oldies 802
Mariachi 876
Metro Blend 853
Modern Country 814
Musica De Las Americas 872
New Age 856
Rat Pack 807
Reality Bites 838
Red, Rock and Blues 810
Reggae 863
Retro Disco 845
Rock en Espanol 878
Salsa 874
Showtunes 823
Silky Soul 843
Silver Screen 822
Singer Songwriters 836
Smooth Jazz 851
Soft Hits 849
SubTerranean 858
Symphonic 864
The Boombox 846
The Spirit 826
Today’s Hits 816
Traditional Country 808
Y2k Hits 817
Zen 857

I mean, seriously that’s a lot of live music. No matter who you are, you’re going to find something on that list that at least seems mildly appealing. And if you’re in an RV or boat with an “in-motion” DIRECTV dome, you can listen while you drive, avoiding all the commercials and weirdness of local radio and still not touching your data plan!

Try out Sonic Tap today starting on channel 801 on DIRECTV!

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