Do you need to force an update on Genie Mini Clients?

No question about it… we’re huge fans of the tiny Genie Mini Clients. They’re perfect for guest rooms, bedrooms… anywhere you want true DVR functionality without size and noise. They’re wired and wireless, whichever you need, and all of them support RF remotes that let you mount them behind the TV. What’s not to like?

For techies, though, part of the fun is keeping the equipment up to date. Although we’ve advised you in the past not to force-download software for DIRECTV receivers and DVRs, some folks still do it. As long as you know the risks, that’s just fine. But these same folks are a little stymied when they get their Genie Mini Clients, because the same codes used to download software for their DVRs doesn’t seem to do anything.

Genie Mini Clients get their software in a completely different way. Because clients get all their information straight from the Genie DVR, they don’t have a direct satellite connection. So, software for the clients goes to the Genie DVR and then is pushed to the clients. This means it can happen very quickly — 3-5 minutes as opposed to 20 minutes or so for most DIRECTV equipment — and it happens automatically. If you happen to notice the DIRECTV logo on your client flashing… that’s a software download.

There’s nothing you can do to force it, though. Downloads come to you automatically, like they do for other DIRECTV equipment, but sorry to say, you’ll just have to wait for them. The best you can do is scour your receiver’s recording history looking for “Software Download” and if you see that, expect your client to be updated within about 4 hours if you’re not using it.

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