How much does gotW3 cost?

Folks, this one’s new to me.

In all my years of making Solid Signal videos — and at last count I’ve done 565 of them —I’ve had one rule I’ve never broken before. I’ve never quoted a price in a video. It’s not a smart idea because prices change. But, these are challenging times.

You need the facts and you need them now

It’s no exaggeration to say that our phones have been positively blowing up. People are desperate to upgrade their internet service, and the cable companies can’t keep pace. Besides, do you even want to invite them into the house if you don’t have to?

That’s why gotW3 is such a great solution. It turns LTE cell signals into usable wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi. It’s the solution you need right now, and it comes with no strings attached. What do I mean? I mean no contracts, no early termination fees, no data caps, no throttling. You plug it in, connect to its Wi-Fi, and you’re all set. It’s as easy as that.

But what about the fact that hits you where it counts?

The biggest unanswered question, according to our customer service experts, is, “How much does it cost?” Yes, the costs are going to vary a little for everyone but it boils down to a few numbers.

Keep in mind, these numbers are accurate as I write this and may go up in the future. 

The gotW3 device is $199, available now at Solid Signal.

You will need a monthly data plan. This is a month-to-month plan with no termination fees and no contracts. There are two plans. one from T-Mobile and one from AT&T. For the latest pricing on both plans, contact Solid Signal.

So which should you choose?

It’s not as much of a no-brainer as you think. The two companies have different coverage maps and you want the version that will give you great results, where you’re going to use it. It doesn’t matter if you’re saving $20 if the thing doesn’t work for you.

The best way to know what you’ll need is to talk to the experts at Solid Signal. When you order your gotW3, one of our sales technicians will call you to review the purchase and get you pre-activated. At that time you can check to see if you’ve bought the right version. Our techs have access to those really detailed coverage maps that can help figure out which version you’ll need.

If you know for sure that you get better service with AT&T or better service with T-Mobile, choose the version that makes sense to you. If you choose wrong, our techs can make the change for you during the activation process.

When you’re ready to get your gotW3 device, order from Solid Signal! We have plenty of stock. If you have questions, just fill out the form below or call us at 888-233-7563!

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