NICE AND EASY: Can you get DIRECTV 4K service in Hawaii?

Alas, you’ll have to be content watching beautiful sunsets over the water out your window… because DIRECTV’s 4K channels may not be available in Hawaii in the future.

They are actually available now, because they come from one of DIRECTV’s normal satellite feeds. However, in the next 12 months, DIRECTV will be moving their 4K channels to “reverse band” frequencies that require a dish upgrade in order to be received. This isn’t a problem on the mainland where we use the Slimline dish, but if you’re out in the islands you know that you have to use the large 1.2 meter dish and that’s not upgradeable to 4K “reverse band” frequencies… yet.

I will tell you that I have personally seen a prototype LNB that will work with the 1.2 meter dish and has six outputs instead of four. Such an LNB would work with the recently-released SWM-30 multiswitch to provide 4K service to up to 26 receivers in a home or up to 6 apartments at once. It looks very similar to the current Alaska/Hawaii LNB (shown below)

except that instead of having two wires on each side on the bottom, it has three. It still works with the auxiliary 110/119 kit if you choose to add a second dish but this is becoming very rare since all national channels have moved off the 119 satellite and Hawaii does not use that satellite for local channels.

When (or if) this LNB becomes available, we’ll have it at Solid Signal. Hopefully it will be well in advance of DIRECTV’s transition to the new frequencies, because if not all our Pacific friends will truly say “Aloha” on 4K, and in this case, it just means “goodbye.”

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