NICE AND EASY: Can you give DIRECTV as a gift?

Easy answer: you can’t. With the holidays coming up you’re going to need to think of something else to get that hard-to-buy-for person on your list. DIRECTV has no gift card program and you can’t sign up for service on someone else’s behalf without their being involved.

It may seem like a problem but it’s actually for a good reason. DIRECTV service is a legal contract entered into between DIRECTV and the people who are going to use the service. That means they have to be involved.

If you do want to give a gift of some sort, I’m sure you could make arrangements to pay the bill for them, but don’t forget that if you’re already an existing DIRECTV customer you can save $10 on your bill for the next 10 months by giving your account number to the rep as a referral. They also save $10 on their bill for 10 months, so it’s a double gift!

If you’re ready to help a friend or family member sign up for DIRECTV service, give us a call at 866.726.4182 and we’ll get everything set up!