NICE AND EASY: Can you mix wired and wireless Genie Clients?

Have you looked at DIRECTV’s new Wireless Genie Mini Client? It’s a perfect solution for those homes with a rarely-used guest room. You can take the client anywhere with AC power, within a range of about 80 feet and through 5 walls, which means that you get great DIRECTV service on the patio when you entertain, in the garage when you’re fixing the car, or anywhere else in the house where you wouldn’t think of running a coaxial cable.

Now that DIRECTV has finally released the Wireless C41W client, many customers have called to ask if you can mix wired and wireless clients. The easy answer: YES absolutely. Your Genie can support any mix of wired clients, wireless clients, or DIRECTV-ready TVs. You can have up to 8 client devices of any kind on your account but you can only use three at a time. If you get a Wireless C41W and plan on using it just for parties or guest sleepovers, just make sure you aren’t watching TV on all three of your regular clients when you want to use the wireless one.