NICE AND EASY: Does your cell carrier need to approve your booster?

It’s not a big conspiracy but it is true. Every cellular signal booster sold in the US since 2014 requires approval not only from the FCC but from the cellular carrier you’re using it with. This is part of a compromise that was reached where the phone companies stopped claiming that a cell booster would break your phone and started agreeing it was ok to use them.

If you see this information on the box:

That means that the cell booster has been pre-approved by 30 of the largest cellular carriers so all you have to do is notify them that you’re using it. By law, they have to let you do this for free. If your cell carrier isn’t one of the 30 largest then you might have to take an extra step or two.

All the boosters sold by Solid Signal are already carrier-approved. 

The process should be very straightforward, just go to your local store or call your customer service department at the cell carrier and tell them what you’re doing. Be prepared to fill out a form that gives the model and serial number. This doesn’t give the carrier the right to snoop on your calls (which, they kind of already have that right anyway) so it’s perfectly harmless.

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