How to make sure you’re using Wi-Fi on your phone

Just a quick tip… if you’re at the end of your data plan and you don’t want to risk overcharges, you can still use your phone in Wi-Fi mode. With Wi-Fi, you can make calls and use data as long as you’re close to home. Of course when you’re away from home things might be a little different.  It’s easy to turn this setting on and off in order to try to get through the month if things are looking really tight.

With an iPhone

It’s easy to do this on an iPhone. Just go to Settings and turn off Cellular Data. You can also go to the control center by swiping down from the top and tapping on the cellular data icon. However, this setting may not “stick” and may turn back on when you least expect it.

With an Android phone

it is usually under Settings. From there you may see the setting for cellular data under Wireless Networks. You may have to tap More in order to see it. There should be a check box to turn mobile data off. There may also be a settings icon somewhere else, and every Android installation can be different. Also, it’s worth noting that there can be several different versions of Android that are “live” at any given time and that just complicates things.

Why would you turn off cellular data?

When you turn off cellular data, you can completely isolate your phone from cellular data so there is no possible way you can go over. Unfortunately, this also isolates you from GPS and may also limit your ability to get caller ID or voicemail, so it is an option of last resort. You’ll want to turn that cellular data back on as soon as your plan rolls over.

There’s a better way, however.

Get an unlimited plan from AT&T

With an unlimited plan from AT&T, you will never run out of data. If you truly use an astounding amount of data, you’ll eventually get to the point where your data will slow down. But, it won’t go away. You’ll still have the ability to get your emails, use your GPS, and have the advanced voicemail features you depend on (if you still use voicemails.)

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