NICE AND EASY: Is it ok to use the built-in Wi-Fi on your HR44 Genie?

Absolutely yes.

The built-in wireless connection from your HR44 Genie is only used for connection to the internet and doesn’t slow down any of the communications inside your home. It’s an easy way to connect and using the built-in wireless adapter will provide apps, services, and on-demand programming to every receiver in your home.

A lot of people think that they’ll get better performance with wired networking but that’s only true if the Genie DVR isn’t close enough to your wireless router. You only need about 12Mbps at the upper end to download DIRECTV’s on demand programming and a lot less than that to use apps like Pandora. Any decent wireless setup should be able to manage that speed.

Setting up wireless networking is easy, although admittedly the slowest part is entering the passphrase for your router. If your router has a WPS (wireless protected setup) option it’s a lot easier, but if you need to enter in the passphrase one letter at a time, it’s possible with a regular DIRECTV remote. Press once for “a”, twice for “A,” three times for “b,” etc. It’s kind of like how texting was ten years ago. It will take you a little while to get the passphrase entered this way but you only have to do it once.

If you are switching from wired to wireless networking, just press {MENU} and go to Settings&Help, Settings, Network Setup and Restore Defaults. From there you can set up wireless networking quickly.