NICE AND EASY: What is a panel antenna?

Well, simply, it’s this. “Panel antenna” is a term for any antenna that sits tall instead of wide. This particular antenna is a TV antenna, but panel antennas are used for a wide variety of things.

This is a panel antenna too… except this antenna is designed for special purpose point-to-point purposes. Panel antennas are used in cellular, in Wi-Fi, and in almost any case where the frequency is higher than 500MHz.

Panel antennas work better in high-frequency applications for several reasons. First of all, in order to work properly in a low-frequency application like FM radio or VHF TV, the panel antenna would really have to be gigantic in order to work. The lower the frequency, the larger the waves. So panel antennas work even better with high-frequency applications like Wi-Fi, which sits up about 5GHz.

How do you know if you need a panel antenna?
Most of the things that need panel antennas just come with them. But, in the case of TV and cell phone boosters, it’s hard to know for sure. Panel antennas are very effective for UHF TV, but not as effective for VHF TV. Panel antennas work well for cellular indoors, but are rarely the right choice outdoors. The best thing to do if you’re considering a panel antenna is to call us at 888-233-7563 and get a free, custom recommendation to help you choose!

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