NICE AND EASY: What’s the fastest way to delete a program from the playlist?

Looking through your DVR’s playlist, you get frustrated. There’s a lot of stuff there that no one is going to ever watch.  It’s true, the world doesn’t always revolve around the DVR anymore. The original idea of the DVR was that you (and you alone) were responsible for creating a library of content for you to watch later. That’s why DVRs became so popular back in the 2000s. Before the DVR, it was pretty hard to get the programs you wanted. Even if you were a whiz at programming a VCR, you’d find you needed multiple devices just to get what you wanted.

Today, if you miss a program it’s probably available from DIRECTV’s extensive on-demand selection, it’s probably available on some streaming app or other. The DVR has become more of a way to put everything you want in one place. It’s no longer the only place for you to find what you’re looking for.

But, you probably treat it like your only place to find programs. With such large hard drives, it’s easy to put a bunch of stuff on your DVR and forget about it. Sometimes, though, you just feel like you need to simplify.

Mark and Delete?

One of the features of early DIRECTV DVRs was “Mark and Delete.” This was a way to check a bunch of boxes at once, and then all the programs you checked would be deleted at the same time. It was a useful tool, but without some sort of “recycle bin” or “undelete” function, it was also way too easy to delete something you didn’t mean to.

When the Genies got a new user interface in late 2017, that functionality went away. I do kind of miss it. Luckily there’s a way to delete items fairly quickly. You can get into a rhythm and it doesn’t take long at all.

How to do it

It’s simple. When in the playlist, simply press the red button (not the record button, that’s something else) followed by the SELECT button. This will delete that program quickly and easily. You can delete a whole folder at the same time the same way.

Remember, this is a permanent operation. There is no way to “undelete” recordings on a DIRECTV box. I’ve asked for that functionality for years, and since DIRECTV boxes run on Linux, it should be pretty easy to accomplish. Other DVRs have had this ability for a long time.

So, be careful when deleting a bunch of stuff. It can’t be undone. But of course, it’s a lot easier to replace that deleted program than it once was, for the most part.

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