If your phone can make calls over wi-fi, do you still need a cell booster?

The latest crop of phones sport a new feature: they’ll make calls over your wi-fi network, avoiding cell minute charges and dead spots. This may make you wonder if the purchase of a cell booster is still important. It’s a fair question, especially if you have good wi-fi coverage throughout the house. We think it’s still important to have a cell booster in your home, and we’re prepared to tell you why.

[size=4]Not every phone uses voice over wi-fi.[size]
Your new phone may do it, but what about the people who come to visit? Today, it’s pretty rude not to offer cell service to your guests, and it will be years before the majority of cell phones offer voice over wi-fi.

With voice over wi-fi, you have to give out your password.
Unless you’re prepared to build a second wireless network for guests that’s completely open — and we don’t recommend this — anyone who uses voice over wi-fi will need your wireless password. Are you, big burly man that you are, prepared to tell everyone that your wi-fi password is ilovelittlekittens? It’s not just the embarrassment of course, there’s the matter of security. If you tell someone your password you have no control over who they tell it to.

This technology is new. Really new.
Sure Skype and Google Voice have been doing voice calls over the internet for a few years, but that’s hardly a drop in the bucket compared to the 40-year-long history of cellular telephones or the almost 150 years that the telephone has been around. Yeah, it’s true, we all rely less on voice calls than we used to, but it’s still an important way of communicating and maybe it’s not quite time to abandon all the old technology. After all, your employer has an “in case of emergency” phone number, not an e-mail or text number. Phones are still good for emergencies.

Because, really, it doesn’t cost that much…
Cell boosters are affordable and easy to install. Some models don’t require any wiring or outside antennas at all, so why not? When it comes right down to it, the answer that we’re trying to give you is yes… you still need a cell booster. Ask us again in ten years and we may have a different answer, but as for today…