BE POLITE: Browse for programs on your tablet or phone

You have the power to make the living room a more civil place. Using the DIRECTV App for smartphones and tablets or the DISH Explorer app (obviously depending on your choice of satellite carrier) you can pull up a complete guide, set programs to record and even change the channel on live TV and play items from the playlist. You can do all of this without disturbing anyone in the room and without laying a hand on the remote. No more dirty looks from a spouse while you search for something else to watch during commercials, and no more endless arrowing and button pushing when searching. You’ll get access to a proper touch-based keyboard which makes searching SOOOO much easier.

The best part of this is that both apps are free and they’re available for pretty much every major device. It’s easy to download them from your device’s app store or play store, too.

This is just the kind of thing that keeps everyone happy in the house… you get to search for the perfect thing to watch while everyone else in the room gets to watch TV in peace. What could be better?

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Stuart Sweet
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