Problems changing your dish type? We understand

This is why we say, If you have SWM in your home, use SWM in your RV. Changing from a SWM to a non-SWM setup should be easy, but in truth it can be a real pain. Even if you’ve started with the steps in our White Paper, uou may find yourself with problems. If you are changing from a SWM to a non-SWM dish and you get error 775 or 776, that’s a sure sign that the change didn’t take. Those codes are only used for SWM dishes.

It may not make sense, but what usually works is to set the Multiswitch type first and then go through the whole process. Then, if you need to reset the dish type, you can go through the process again. That’s the way to go if you’re having problems. We’re not sure why but there’s something about the combination of setting both dish type and Multiswitch type at the same time that can sometimes get your receiver confused. You can also disconnect the satellite cable completely and that sometimes works.

Here’s why it’s so hard… The folks at DIRECTV never really understood why someone would change from SWM to non-SWM, since in their minds it’s a step backwards. So, the way the receiver looks at it, it really tries to detect a SWM signal and if it comes up with anything that even slightly resembles one, it automatically changes the multiswitch type back to SWM. It works great if you’re going from non-SWM to SWM, but if you’re going the other way it can be kind of frustrating.

If all fails, you can “reset everything” by pressing {MENU} then going to Settings&Help, Settings, Reset, Reset Everything. This really does mean “Reset Everything,” including wiping out all your presets, your favorites and even programming on your DVR, so be careful Sometimes, though it’s the only thing you can do to get a stubborn receiver to listen.