The proper way to hook up a SWM-D2 diplexer

Sonora’s SWM-D2 diplexer is a great piece of technology to have around. Whether you are a commercial installer looking to put broadcast TV on the same line as DIRECTV service or a DIY’er who wants to use one broadband DECA for two SWMs, it just works great. It’s a good alternative to the NAS-STD9501M for both those uses. It’s not certified for DIRECTV Residential Experience, though it does perform all the necessary functions.

A lot of installers aren’t familiar with the SWM-D2 so it seemed like a good time to discuss how one works. A diplexer intelligently combines two signals that shouldn’t interfere with each other. In this case, DIRECTV’s satellite signal and either a over-the-air or unencrypted QAM cable TV signal. Because DIRECTV’s connected home (multi-room viewing) signal falls within the range normally used for broadcast TV, you can also use the SWM-D2 to connect a broadband DECA rather than use a port on a splitter. The other benefit of this is that you get a little stronger signal.

First, connect the line out from the SWM to the SWM side of the diplexer. Connect the antenna, cable line, or broadband DECA to the other side. Then, connect the SWM+CATV end to the splitter. It’s that easy!

In commercial installations, you would power the SWM directly from the Legacy 3 port on a SWM8 or the PWR port on a SWM16 but if you choose, you can pass power from a SWM Power Inserter to the red port on the splitter through the diplexer to the SWM.

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