Your quarterly reminder– grounding is important!

I know it’s boring.I’ve tried everything I can to make it interesting. But it’s not. So folks, let’s just get this out of the way. Grounding is the most important part of any outdoor installation and it’s probably the part you didn’t do.

No judgments here, I get it. In fact before I worked at Solid Signal I was pretty lazy about it too. But I’ve heard too many stories of fried equipment and in-home wiring to ignore it. You’ve got to ground your stuff and you have to do it right.

In most cases it’s as easy as running some ground wire from your mast or antenna to a cold water pipe outside. I don’t want to give you too much detail because it really depends from city to city. So here’s what you want to do.

First, go down to city hall and get the grounding specs you need. If you can’t get them there, call around to electrical contractors. You’ll find someone willing to talk sooner or later.

Then, check out the selection of grounding supplies at You’ll probably want a grounding block that works for your antenna or dish, some wire, and a ground strap or post depending on what works for your location.

If you’re not familiar at all with grounding, you can learn a lot with our White Paper on the subject.

No matter how you do it, do it! You really have to take care of it now that spring storms are coming. So stop putting it off, give up on the excuses and just get it done.

OK, I’m done whining at you. Enjoy the rest of the blog.

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Stuart Sweet
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