QUICK TIP: Confused about “Keep Until I Delete?”

It sounds simple… one of the options for setting up a series link on a DIRECTV DVR is “Keep until I delete.” Yet, this option doesn’t work the way you expect. It could result in deleted recordings even if you didn’t delete them.

Why? Because it also depends on the option called “Keep at most.” If you tell it to keep at most 5 episodes, then when a 6th one is scheduled, the oldest one will be deleted, even if you told it to “Keep until I delete.” In order to get around this, set “Keep at most” to “All” and it will not delete any recording to make space for another one.

Of course, this option can fill up your hard drive quickly, and that can be a problem. The other option is to use the the {ENTER} button on your remote. Highlighting a program in the playlist and pressing {ENTER} will put a blue (K) next to the item. Regardless of other settings, this will keep the program until you delete it. If you have “Keep at most” set to 5, you will record 5 new shows and the one you chose to keep will be there, for a total of 6.

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