REAL-WORLD TESTING: Cell phone booster cases

It’s only recently that people have started to ask me about supposed “cell phone booster cases” that claim to improve cell reception without the expense of a full cell booster solution. My first thought was that they were a scam, just a new take on those gold stickers that never worked. After all, a cell phone booster uses a lot of power, and some of these cases aren’t even powered. Cellular signal boosters are expensive, because they have powerful signal processors. They’re FCC-approved because they actually broadcast and receive signals. A lot of those cases aren’t any of those things.

So, my thought was to buy a bunch of these cases, test them, and make a video. And then I found that my well-funded compatriots over at weBoost beat me to it. And I’m not ashamed to say they did a great job of it. They saved me some time too, because (spoiler alert) those cases don’t actually work. If you don’t believe me, watch the video above.

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