IT’S REALLY TIME: Upgrade to SWM Technology

If you haven’t upgraded to SWM technology, the clock is running out. The last of DIRECTV’s non-SWM-only products are beginning to dry up and that means that while your non-SWM system will still work, parts are going to get hard to come by. This is the perfect opportunity for you to rethink your plans.

You don’t need to upgrade to HD in order to go SWM, but it’s one of those things you should consider. If you’re using a round dish on your RV or tailgate setup, it can be set up to use an external SWM multiswitch. We even have a handy tutorial to help you connect SWM technology to your dish without even having to re-aim it.

However, this is the perfect time to look at upgrading to a SWM dish and SWM-capable receivers. We’ve published our guide to upgrading, and if you already have a Slimline dish on the roof, we have a simple upgrade kit that includes only the parts you need to get the job done.

Why change to SWM technology?
DIRECTV rolled out SWM technology in 2008 as a way of making installations easier. Since then it’s not only become the default option for residential installations, it’s become the only choice. DIRECTV still offers receivers and DVRs that work with non-SWM systems, but there is every reason to believe those receivers and DVRs won’t be avaiable for much longer. We don’t have a firm date, but DIRECTV has said clearly that the end is coming for non-SWM equipment.

If you have current equipment made before 2007 you will probably have to swap receivers. We can help you decide what your best options are and how you can get the equipment you need. We may even be able to help you decide if you can upgrade your system!

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