Is a satellite dish affected by snow?

If you have satellite TV and live where it snows, you probably already know the answer. If you’re thinking about getting satellite TV, you have probably heard horror stories about satellite TV in the winter. I’m here to set the record straight.

Get the facts

First of all, yes it’s true that satellite service can be affected by severe weather. If it’s raining or snowing very hard, your service can drop. The good news there is that in most cases it comes back on its own. You don’t need to call anyone, you don’t need to wait home between 8 and 12 for the repair person to show up. When the skies are clear, your reception will be too.

On the other hand, snow that gathers on a dish can be a concern. Some people just brush it off with a broom — very carefully — but that can create problems. The dish can lose its aim if it’s not tightly screwed down, and then there’s the whole thing about getting up on a ladder when it’s cold and icy, that doesn’t seem like a really fun thing to do. Neither does being in traction for a month because you fell.

The way to do it right

There’s one way to make sure that you never have to worry about getting snow off the dish and it’s to use a dish heater. A dish heater is a heating element that fits on your dish and warms it just enough to melt the snow. It uses a low-power heating element and a special switch that only turns the heater on when it’s needed so it saves power. With a dish heater, you don’t have to worry about snow and ice on the dish. That will give you real peace of mind when you’re deciding which company you’re going to trust for your television service.

And of course, dish heaters are available at Solid Signal.

While you’re thinking about it…

why not put up a TV antenna to compliment your satellite service? Most people think of TV antennas as something from the mid-20th century. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure those old roof-mounted antennas still work but today’s antennas are slim and even a little sexy. You’ll find a great selection of antennas at Solid Signal. More people than ever can use small, slim antennas that work well inside or outside.

And keep in mind, an antenna’s a great option when cold weather strikes. Cell towers go down if they lose power. The internet can disappear in an instant if a telephone pole snaps. Over the air television comes in loud and clear, in all but the worst winter storms. Not only that, but most small TVs are efficient enough to work of a small UPS for hours. You don’t have to be isolated and you don’t have to rely on radio. Radio is great for the absolute emergency cases but I think we all agree at this point it’s not helpful if you’re stuck at home for a while.

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