Satellite TV in the conference room?

Not such a strange idea. If you have a TV in the conference room, it’s probably used for those times Phil in Marketing wants to show you the latest sales figures. But it you do have a TV there, why aren’t you getting DIRECTV or DISH there?

Watching TV can be an excellent way to enhance productivity. If you’re in business, you can all cooperate in learning more about the industry you’re in and the forces that shape it. It’s good for team-building exercises, too. And of course, when severe weather or life-changing global events happen, your management team can all learn about it together rather than retreating to individual computers or personal devices.

Satellite TV in the boardroom is a smart idea for forward-thinking companies and it costs less than you would expect. In many cases you’ll pay the same or even less than residential customers pay and you’ll get the same high-quality program and 99.9% reliability that you’ll get from satellite TV. Installation is included and you can add satellite TV to your lunchroom or warehouse at the same time. Giving your employees access to TV during their break times cuts down on their use of personal devices, which keeps them more accessible to you and makes sure your internet bandwidth isn’t clogged. A TV for the warehouse can make people more willing to work weekends, because they won’t miss their favorite sporting events. You can even pipe the sound through your office PA system!

If you’re interested in investigating satellite TV for your office, for your conference room, or for anywhere else in your business, call the business professionals at Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 and they’ll get things started for you! Signal Connect is a DIRECTV for Business Authorized Retailer which means we’re even more qualified to offer satellite TV than the people at DIRECTV! We are also a DISH Authorized Retailer and can offer the full suite of business products from DISH.

What are you waiting for?

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