What if you see blue boxes in “My DIRECTV” instead of fancy images?

Perhaps it’s not a problem if you’re one of those people who never obsesses over anything. Maybe you can look at an image like the one above and never feel like something is vaguely… unfinished. Or maybe it bothers the living heck out of you. (That’s right, I said heck.)

When you first get your DIRECTV receiver or DVR set up, you’ll see a lot of those blue boxes. Eventually, they’ll be replaced by pretty poster images, I promise. It can take a while, though.

It does actually take up to a week for all the images and assets to load in your DIRECTV system. This is on purpose, in order to get you watching TV faster. After all, when you get your DIRECTV system installed, don’t you want to watch TV? If you had the choice between waiting for everything to download or not waiting, wouldn’t you choose not waiting?

If it’s been over a week, and there are still some boxes without pretty posters, don’t be alarmed. If it’s the majority of images, still no cause for alarm, but here are some diagnostic steps:

Press the {DASH} button while you’re watching Live TV. You will get a pop-up message giving you the basic status of your system. If the bottom line doesn’t say “Internet:Connected”, that could be your problem. Your system will load things like images faster when there’s an internet connection. If you need help with connecting to the internet, check out our white paper. If you’ve chosen not to network your receiver, just know it will take longer.

Reboot twice within 30 minutes to clear out any caches and get everything ready to receive. It may take some time but data will start coming back.

If nothing works and you’re still seeing some issues, try doing a Keyword search for CLEARMYBOX. Go to Smart Search (Menu>Search&Browse>Smart Search) and enter CLEARMYBOX and press the red button. Your receiver will immediately reboot and you’ll lose all your posters, but new ones should start coming.

Above all, remember, it is not the end of the world if one or two of those choices don’t have a pretty image associated with it. It’s really just part of life. Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax. It will all be fine.

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