Signal Boosters for the Oil and Gas Industry

Do you work in the oil, gas, and natural resources industry?  If so, you know how remote these operations can be.  In many cases, the nearest cell phone tower can be many miles away.  When you and your crew are working these sites, the remote locations often interferes with your cell phone communications.  Whether it’s at your headquarters or your vehicles, you and your team need to stay connected to each other and the outside world.  Cellular signal boosters are the best way for oil workers to achieve this in the field in low signal areas.

How Do Cellular Signal Boosters Work?

If you are able to get even the smallest bars on your device, you can benefit from a cell booster.  These devices take take the weakest of signals and strengthen it.  This is why these units are also called cell phone amplifiers or cell amplifiers.  How these boosters do this is an interesting process that involves all three aspects of its construction: an outdoor antenna, the booster, and an indoor antenna.  Here is how these three components work together to improve your connectivity:

  • Its outdoor antenna accesses voice and 3G, 4G, and LTE data signal, then delivers it to the booster.
  • The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and sends it to the indoor antenna.
  • The indoor antenna broadcasts the signal throughout your office or vehicle.
  • This process works in reverse each time you make a call or send data.

This is how a cell phone booster reduces dropped calls and missed texts, and improves upon slow or interrupted data at your job site.

Signal Boosters for Oil Derricks

Do you work in the office or on the derrick itself?  If so, you already know that cellular coverage can get spot in these remote locations.  There is really no excuse for this when the right cell phone signal booster system could help address this issue.  Get one of these devices in your office and you and your team will enjoy improved cell phone service within a radius of where the cell booster is installed.

Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster for Oil Workers

Not all oil industry work is done on the derrick.  Some members of your company do their work way out in the field.  These folks need to communicate back to you at the base.  The cell phone booster in your office won’t help them place their call.  This is why many oil companies equip their workers’ vehicles with mobile cell phone signal boosters.  This device will boost their calls back to the office, which helps ensure your workers in the field stay connected.

Signal Boosters for Marine Oil Rigs

Off-shore drilling companies need cellular phone boosters, too.  Most oil platforms are many miles off shore, which puts them out of range for most cellular towers.  Those within two miles of land can get cell service, but it’s often spotty.  In these cases, oil industry companies need a specialized marine cellular boosters to improve calls and text on the rig.  Signal Connect offers the marine-grade antennas, amplifiers, and complete marine cell systems.  We can even match you with someone from our installer network to place these units on off-shore rigs.

Signal Connect Supports the Oil and Gas Industry

Since the oil industry often puts works miles away from cell towers, Signal Connect carries the best cell phone signal boosters for your offices and vehicles.  We confidently recommend these devices from weBoost and Wilson Pro.  Signal Connect also offers business cell phones, mobile devices, and cellular plans to oil workers.  If your company needs new accounts, lines of service, or device upgrades, we can help.  To learn more, fill out our online form below. A member of the Signal Connect team will follow up to answer your questions and discuss everything we have to offer the oil and gas industry.


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