How to skip ahead quickly on your DIRECTV DVR

This is a simple tip that will let you get a lot further, a lot faster using just your remote.

When you are fast forwarding, you have four speeds. Pressing the fast forward button over and over again will get you to speed level 4, which is fast enough to get you through a 1 hour program in about 3 minutes. But what if that’s not fast enough?

DIRECTV remotes have a button which they call “Advance.” It’s in the picture between the PREV button and the fast forward button. If you’re holding the remote like a normal person, it would be just above the fast forward button. (I turned the image sideways to make it easier to see here, without taking up a lot of space.)

While you are fast forwarding, press the “advance” button to jump forward to the next “tick-mark” These are the black gaps in the line at the bottom and they are usually every 15 minutes. In very long programs they could be every half hour. Whichever, pressing that button will immediately jump you forward to the next one, and you can keep pressing that button over and over again to jump quickly through a recording. With this, you can get from beginning to end of a 4-hour program in about 1 minute.

When you find the part of the program you want to watch, just press the play/pause button and you’ll go back to live TV. Chances are you’ll have skipped a little bit too far unless your reflexes are just inhumanly fast. So, just rewind a little bit to get where you want to be.

This tip works with every DIRECTV DVR and Genie Client, and with DIRECTV Ready TVs as well. It even works with regular receivers if you’re playing back recorded content from a DIRECTV DVR.

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