Solid Signal’s SWM32KIT- the answer for hard-to-find and expensive equipment

Hey commercial installers… does it seem like the SWM32 is getting harder to find? It’s a big, heavy, expensive piece of equipment, but it does have its place in the commercial world. The problem is, SWM32s have been in short supply.

In many cases, you can use SWM16s for the same kind of installations and get the same quality results. We’ve even created the DIRECTV Approved SWM Solution for 32 tuners which includes everything you need to feed up to 32 tuners (remember, DVRs count as more than one tuner) for a distance of up to 250 feet from a central closet. DIRECTV packages up this kit at a higher price and calls it the D2Lite, but their kit requires you to use 4 DECA Broadband adapters and our kit only needs 2, which saves you money!

Check out the specs on our SWM32KIT:

Solid Signal
DIRECTV-Approved Yes Yes
Dual Power Supplies Optional Included
Cost to upgrade if one SWM fails $$$$$ $$
Maximum run with 1×8 splitter 300′ 250′
Designed for proper grounding Yes Yes
Power supply can be
located outside the closet
No Yes
Cascadeable Yes (1 max) No
Supports international dish Yes Yes
Requires Polarity Locker Yes Optional

When you look at the specs it’s easy to see that the SWM32KIT performs as well as or even better than DIRECTV’s SWM32. You don’t need to power the dish with a polarity locker (although you can use one if you want) and that saves even more money.

We’ve made it easy to know how to install our SWM32KIT with this handy diagram. Save it to your device so you’ll have it when you need it! And, for more information and tips, check out our newly revised and updated guide to using more than 16 tuners in the home — works for commercial jobs too!

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