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Where are my cell booster fans?

I’ve been on a mission for almost a decade to educate people about cellular signal boosters. On an average day, about 95% of people will experience low signal strength on their phones. It happens so often that we take it for granted. We don’t think about how much faster our data speeds could be, how much clearer our voice calls could be, and how it all comes down to a simple, one-time purchase.

Why cell boosters are so magical

If you have one, you know why. But I’ll tell the rest of you. Cellular signal boosters solve the biggest problem with cell reception. Most buildings block cell signals. They do it pretty effectively, too. At minimum, 50% of the signal is blocked. In energy-efficient homes, which are designed to keep solar radiation out, that number can rise to 90%.

By bringing cell signal in from outdoors through an outside antenna, a cell booster eliminates any problems coming from your building materials. Strong signal is rebroadcast inside and your phone just works better.

Cell boosters aren’t cheap, I’ll admit that. But the cell booster you need probably costs less than that top-end phone in your hand. It should last longer than your next three phones, and while it’s doing that it will support every phone in your home. All of a sudden a higher-priced purchase seems like a bargain. When you try one, you’ll understand.

Let’s hear those success stories

Some folks need convincing. If you’ve come to this article looking for a good reason to buy a cellular signal booster, I hope we give you what you’re looking for. I know that only about 5% of people use cellular signal boosters, but let’s get those testimonials going!

If you have a cellular signal booster at home, office, or in the car, leave a comment below and tell everyone how it works for you. You just might be responsible for helping someone else with their cell needs!

If you’re ready to buy a cellular signal booster, shop the great section at Solid Signal. If you need help deciding, call the experts! Our team is here and ready to help. Call 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours and you’ll get a technician who can give you all the answers.

When you have your own cellular signal booster installed, don’t forget to come back to this page and add your own success story to the list so other people can enjoy the benefit of your experience.


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