Stop Believing These Six Cord-Cutting Myths!

Is cutting the cord something you’ve considered? If so, don’t let these six totally untrue cord-cutting myths keep you from enjoying free HDTV.

Before we get into the myths, it’s best to define what cord-cutting is. At Solid Signal, cutting the cord is using an over-the-air TV antenna to replace subscription cable TV. The broadcast spectrum is a public trust, which allows TV stations to use it for profit as long as it’s done for the public’s benefit. What this means is that free over-the-air TV will always be available in every media market. Once you buy a TV antenna, receiver, and other equipment, it could be the last time you’ll have to pay for TV. This equipment receives most or all free TV transmissions from your local stations. In these budget-conscious times, cutting the cord is a great way for anyone to save money.

Fear of the Unknown…
While cord-cutting is a huge money saver, the idea of “going cordless” can be scary to some people. Since the 1980s, most Americans believe the cable TV monopoly is their only option. Some of these folks grumble about the monthly cost of cable but few do anything to change that. When presented with the option of cutting the cord – which has always been available – the possibility of change scares them. As a result, they sometimes come up with these myths to justify their decision to stick with cable. This is highly regrettable.

Here are six huge myths about cutting the cord, and the reasons why none are true:

1. “I Don’t Know What the Best TV Antenna is?”
Your cord-cutting journey begins with getting a TV antenna, and it’s natural to want the best. The thing is, there’s no such thing as “the best” TV antenna. If there were, it would be the only TV aerial in our online inventory. There’s a reason why we carry a huge variety of indoor and outdoor TV antennas. It’s so we have the best aerial for each individual installation.

The TV antenna you need depends upon a few factors. The biggest one is how far you live from your local broadcast towers. The signal direction and overall terrain of your immediate area are also important. These details help determine which antenna is best for you. If you’re not a TV antenna expert, you can turn to Solid Signal for help. Just fill out this form or call us at 888-233-7563. Our antenna experts will recommend the TV antenna that’s right for you.

2. “It’s Too Hard to Install a TV Antenna”
This is so untrue that it’s not even funny. Many people who buy a TV aerial from Solid Signal ends up installing the device themselves. Sure, some of them turn to us for guidance, but we’re happy to help. We have many online tutorials that take you through the installation process. We’ll also show you how install wiring through the house and to your receiver.

If you’re struggling with one of our guides, you can call us. One of our antenna experts will walk you through the process step by step over the phone. Everyone at Solid Signal wants to make sure that you get to enjoy free HDTV. In worst-case-scenario, we can match you with a professional installer in your area. This person will come to your home and do the job for you.

3. “There Aren’t That Many Channels on TV”
This is both a huge myth and a horrible excuse to not cut the cord. No matter where you live, there is plenty of free TV that you can enjoy. The major networks – ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox – all have local affiliates. Each one also has sub-channels that offer additional programming. Stations such as The CW, MeTV, and many more are all TV channels that you can find over the air.

Solid Signal wants to help every cord-cutter get the most local programming. We’ve listed all the high-powered TV stations in media markets across the country in this guide to local TV affiliates. Search the page for your media market, then click the corresponding link. If you’re area isn’t on the list, let us know and we’ll get it placed. We continue to add more TV markets to this list each week.

4. “There’s Nothing to Watch on Regular TV”
Frankly, this is a load of you know what! There still are plenty of great shows on network TV. The great thing about these programs is that you get to see them each week. This fall, the networks rolled out many great series, both new and old. I’m a huge Blue Bloods fan. Huge. Granted, not everyone’s tastes are the same. That said, there surely are more than a handful of shows you might enjoy on CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC. Take a look to find what’s right for you.

5. “If I Cut the Cord, I Can’t DVR My Favorite Shows”
There’s a reason why we chose the word “myth,” and this right here is a great example of it. You can record your favorite live TV shows and watch them whenever you want. All you need is the right OTA TV receiver. The digital television converter box from Proscan easily connects to your installation. It comes with parental controls, closed captioning, and a remote control. With this, you can cut the cord and never worry about missing your favorite live TV shows.

6. “I Still Need Internet to Cut the Cord, Right?”
Wrong! You only need Internet access if you’re planning to use a streaming box . That isn’t exactly cutting the cord, though. Streaming trades your cable TV bill for a monthly bill from the streaming subscription(s) you buy. You don’t need Internet at all for the true cord-cutting experience without a monthly bill. A TV antenna, some cable, and a receiver is all you need to enjoy free HDTV in your local media market.

Your Online Cord-Cutting Resource
There are plenty of myths about cutting the cord. It’s easy to debunk these with cord-cutting knowledge and some common sense. The content in this piece helps clear things up for you. Solid Signal is the No. 1 source for cord-cutters across the country. We’re happy to provide this information so you can make an informed decision. If you have questions, or need an antenna recommendation or installation advice, call us at 888-233-7563. You deserve to enjoy all the free HDTV that comes with cutting the cord!

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