Tell us your cellular success story!

Whose cell service went from “zero” to “hero” this past year? We want to hear your stories?

There are many different ways to improve cell service. Some of them are completely out of your control, while others happen because you decide to take charge of your cellular service. It’s great when the cell carriers upgrade things on their end, but sometimes you have to take the bull by the horns.

Did you get a new phone?

Getting a new phone usually improves data service, and sometimes improves voice service too. Newer technologies and additional radios inside the phone can help you make the most of your experience.

Faster Wi-Fi or LTE performance

Today’s cell data speeds are already blazing fast. Even though we haven’t seen 5G take over the world yet, AT&T’s upgrades mean that it’s possible to get up to 100Mbps from a cellular connection. All it takes is a phone that can handle it. Older phones just couldn’t process data that quickly. The newest phones are ready to give you maximum performance.

Today’s phones also support Wi-Fi 5 (formerly known as 802.11ac) for theoretical speeds of up to 3,000Mbps. Your phone probably won’t pull down data that quickly. Remember the faster you transfer data, the more power it takes. However a newer phone will work with that faster standard and should transfer data faster in all cases.

Did AT&T upgrade your cell service?

In preparation for two of its big pushes — FirstNet and 5G — AT&T has been aggressively adding cell towers and improving the ones that are there. If you only had one or two bars last year, you might find that you have four or five now.

AT&T has always had great cell coverage but their coverage map is well on its way reaching 99% of all populated areas. The company is spending millions on upgrades. If they haven’t reached you yet, they most likely will in 2019.

Did you put in a cell booster?

There’s nothing like taking full responsibility for your own cell coverage. Sure you can wait for your cell carrier to jump in and make things better but if you really want the best quality service, you will want a cellular signal booster.

Cellular signal boosters from weBoost and WilsonPRO

If you haven’t put in a new booster yet, these are the names you need to know. These are two “sister companies.” WilsonPRO handles the top-end commercial boosters, the kind that need special planning and installation. If you want a DIY project to enhance the quality of the signal in your home, you want weBoost. Wilson Electronics, the parent company, practically invented the cellular signal booster and they’ve been on the front lines of cell booster technology ever since.

Choose a weBoost booster for home. It’s the easiest to install and provides great coverage for a variety of different size homes. You can get one for a very low price, or you can get one that’s super-powerful for not a whole lot more.

Getting a cell booster from Solid Signal

If you’re planning to do the install yourself, you’ll want to have a “friend in the business.” Solid Signal’s FREE tech support will guide you through all the common issues you’ll run into. Our techs are Wilson-certified to handle any issue.

If you are planning a much larger install, the folks at Solid Signal can help you plan everything with our free service. Starting with your signal measurements and the layout of your building, we’ll design a custom system that works just for you, at the best possible prices!

It all starts with a call to Solid Signal at 888-233-7563.

Tell us your story

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