2015: The year in Cellular

It started with a bang… when we learned that Wilson Electronics was rolling out a whole new line of weBoost boosters for home, office and car. Wilson, the parent company of weBoost,zBoost and WilsonPro, hit 2015 with the largest selection of consumer products from the low end to the high end. Even better, all consumer-level products from weBoost and zBoost now use auto gain control for even easier installation and maintenance.

The other major player in the booster market, SureCall, didn’t sit still in 2015. Its new EZ4G booster is the highest power 4G booster on the market that doesn’t require an external antenna. Unlike other designs from other manufacturers, the antenna that would normally go outside is built into the body of the booster, making installation super easy. Just make sure you have a large enough space for this massive powered booster because it can deliver an amazing amount of cell boosting power!

Overall, though, the cell booster market stabilized in 2015 after a very tumultuous 2014 that saw manufacturers struggling to get products to the marketplace. The combination of a government shutdown and new FCC rules meant that it was literally impossible to sell a legal cell booster for parts of 2014, and of course the whole market took a hit. So, 2015 was a rebuilding year in a lot of ways. While many people predicted that 3G-only boosters would disappear in 2015, they didn’t — too many people realized that these lower-priced boosters worked just as well as 4G-capable ones in homes with Wi-Fi.

What’s coming up for 2016? There are some very exciting products coming that should convince people to upgrade older boosters as well as introduce people to the world of cellular booster technology. While as many as 90% of people need a cell booster at one point or another, fewer than 10% of people use them, so there’s room for a huge swell in booster sales, and of course your friends at SolidSignal are right on top of it. We’re ready to help you choose the booster you need and install it yourself, and of course we’re also ready to help with quotes and installation for those very large booster systems for warehouses and other large spaces. If you have questions, fill out our free cell phone booster help request and we’ll get back to you with the perfect cell booster for your situation!

Here’s to a great 2016 filled with cell boosters!

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