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Streaming. You love it. You know you do. While The Solid Signal Blog started as a way for people to learn more about satellite television. In fact, when Solid Signal started in 2002, we started with satellite TV. Streaming was a long way off — YouTube wasn’t even invented until 2005! But like everything else in the world, The Solid Signal Blog has evolved.

It’s all about content.

It’s pretty weird in today’s on-demand world to think that just six years ago most people couldn’t stream in high definition. It’s true, though. Today of course streaming is a big part of our lives, whether on a TV or on a mobile device (another thing which wasn’t part of our lives in 2002.)

It’s forced me, and this blog, to look more at content. It isn’t really about whether you get your content from a satellite dish, an antenna or a fiber connection. It’s about whether you can get the content you want, when you want it. That’s not such a bad thing!

Since January, 2012

One of the first articles I wrote as editor of this blog was “Are You Ready For A Smart TV?” That article has now appeared in three different versions of The Solid Signal Blog, including this one. Back then most people weren’t ready for a Smart TV, and as the owner of one back then, I have to tell you that Smart TVs weren’t ready for us. They’ve gotten a lot better and we’re also seeing standalone streaming boxes like DISH’s AirTV Player that are amazing examples of technology.

In the meantime our staff has written close to 1,000 articles on the subject of streaming. About 400 of them were still current enough to make the jump to our new home in January, 2018.

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You can look at the great selection of streaming articles we have here, or you can always look at the tag cloud at the lower right (or bottom) of every page. Click on the word “streaming” to find all the latest and greatest, in a list that’s constantly updated. Come back often to see what’s new!

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Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.