This is the perfect time to upgrade your RV.

It’s not quite winter yet. If you’re lucky you haven’t seen the first snows come. If you have seen the snow then chances are it didn’t stick. You’re done with summer road trips but not quite ready to settle in for a long winter’s nap. In other words it’s the perfect time to upgrade the RV.

Folks, it’s not 2005.

RVs tend to have longer lifespans than other vehicles, so unless they are really really old we tend not to think to much about them aging. That’s true with the engine, transmission, even the cabinets. Taken care of, they’ll last a long time. Unfortunately, the electronics in the RV aren’t going to last that long. Even if they do, they’ll still stop working.

Here’s the proof. Does your RV have a VHS or DVD player in it? Those things may work but when was the last time you used them? That’s just not how we consume entertainment in 2018 (almost 2019.) We use our phones. We use our tablets. We use satellite TV.

Even if you were modern then…

A totally-tricked-out RV in the mid-2000s still isn’t going to get you what you really want and need today. Let’s look at the technologies of the last decade and how they have evolved.

In 2005, a lot of people put satellite dishes on their RVs. These were the state-of-the-art hardware, but they were either standard-definition dishes or dishes that used obsolete HD technology. Today’s satellite systems must support high definition or 4K, even in an RV. In fact, it’s looking more and more like AT&T is following through with their promise. They said they will do away with most, if not all, SD programming before the end of 2019. Without an HD-capable dish, you won’t be able to do much.

In 2005, you got on the road to get away from the phone. Today we don’t go anywhere without our phones. Back then, there was practically no data use, and today that’s practically all you use. The cell signal in your RV might have been strong enough for the occasional call from the passenger seat, but it probably wasn’t strong enough to cover the entire inside of the cabin, and all your devices, with blazing fast data.

Even though you didn’t think of a cellular signal booster back then, it’s a must-have today. Today kids aren’t always content just watching TV. They want to interact with the world while dad or mom is driving. You need an option that works for you in the world of 2018.

Perfect time to upgrade

Now that the RV’s parked, it’s time to look at some new gear. Here’s what I recommend:

Winegard Trav’ler Satellite TV system

A satellite dish from Winegard will give you fantastic entertainment choices when you’re in for the night. Dishes that work while you’re moving are extremely expensive and large, so skip those and spend the money on a system that will practically aim itself once you’re in for the night. Get this system to be futureproof for years to come.

weBoost Drive 4G-X RV cell booster

This weBoost cell booster will give the strongest allowable signal to your passengers. Honestly, anything more would be illegal. It’s a kit designed for permanent installation in your vehicle, with a low-profile white antenna that matches the other things you have on your RV.

AirTV OTA TV streamer

This is the new “must-have” for RV users. The AirTV from DISH takes the antenna signals from your home and broadcasts them securely over the internet. That means you get your local channels no matter where you are. Don’t miss the local news or all the primetime programs, and don’t worry that your RV park is too far away to use an antenna. This system securely sends your local TV to a streaming box, phone, or tablet.

Keep in mind that satellite dishes and antennas don’t work while the vehicle is in motion so this is the best option for virtually unlimited live TV while you’re tooling down the highway. Just don’t use it from the driver’s seat… let the kids enjoy it in the back.

Unlimited data plan from AT&T

An unlimited data plan from AT&T lets you stream whatever you want, including DIRECTV content, for one fixed price. Never worry about overages or data caps. Don’t miss out on a single post, meme or snap while you’re out and about, and never worry about paying more.

Get everything you need this winter from one place

Don’t go to a sporting goods store where they don’t know an LNB from a fishing lure. You need a friend in the business, and there’s only one place where you can get the best in live TV entertainment, cellular, and even over-the-air antennas. Browse the great selection at, and when you’re ready for that personal touch, call 888-233-7563 where a professional in our 100% US-based call center will get you going from beginning to end! You’ll be begging for the spring to come so you can get back in that RV.

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