Can you use a cell booster with an old cell phone?

If you’re still rocking one of these bad boys… let me first congratulate you on your level of commitment. These candybar-type phones were all the rage in the early 2000s and you know what, they were smaller and lighter than most phones today and would last about a week on a charge. Of course they were about as dumb as dumbphones get by today’s standards.

Most of the phones made since 2002 will work with the current cell system. If you’re still able to make calls, then it doesn’t matter how old the phone is. The question is, however, will it work with a modern cell booster? And the answer is yes. The underlying technology of cell boosters works just as well with any phone that’s still usable today.

If you have a truly old phone or a Nextel-branded phone, you’ve no doubt noticed by now that it doesn’t work anymore. Unfortunately, a cell booster isn’t going to help you with that, since all the infrastructure required to use those phones has been taken out of service.