TIP: Keep an antenna in your emergency kit!

Cold weather is already gripping much of the country and it won’t be long before frozen power lines and slippery roads make for long stretches without essential services. Even if you manage to keep your lights on, there’s no guarantee that the cable company will come through with television or internet. Here in the 21st century being without information can be just as terrifying as being without electricity.

That’s why every emergency kit should include an antenna and a long cable. We recommend the HD-BLADE as an inexpensive choice. No, it won’t do much for you if your TV has no power. However if you have power but no internet or cable TV, it’s a lifesaver.

The HD-BLADE takes up almost no space in an emergency kit and it’s resistant to water damage because the antenna elements are encased in plastic. It takes up virtually no room in your emergency kit, either. It can be mounted on a wall or window with painter’s tape and even put outside for short periods of time as long as it’s not actively snowing or raining.

Give it a thought… the last thing you want while sitting at home is to be without critical information!