TIP: Using your Samsung remote for your RVU Client? Find the buttons you need.

If you’ve been thinking about using your 2011 or 2012 Samsung Smart TV as an RVU client, you might be asking, “how to I get things like the playlist to show up?” It’s true, the stock Samsung remote doesn’t have buttons for things like that. If that’s been holding you back, check out this document unearthed by Signal Labs member RAD. It shows what buttons on DIRECTV’s RVU remote correspond to the buttons on the stock Samsung Remote.

The remote shown is for 2011 TVs; the 2012 TV remote is slightly different but the button mappings are still accurate. On the other hand, if you would rather use the DIRECTV RVU remote, unfortunately it’s not available for sale but you can call DIRECTV and beg; sometimes that works.

Here’s the document you need:

HR34 to RVU remote


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