TIP: Customer Information Channel for DIRECTV

Did you know it was there all the time? DIRECTV produces and airs a never-ending stream of customer information videos on every DIRECTV receiver Tune to channel 1 and you’ll find them, and you don’t need a DVR or even HD to see them. They’re produced at DIRECTV’s Los Angeles studios and they cover a very wide variety of topics. Some of these videos are also available on DIRECTV’s YouTube Channel and some are unique to Channel 1.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn the basics of how to search for programs, how to set your DVR up, or how to use your remote, these videos are great. Also, if you are setting up a receiver yourself, Channel 1 is one of the few channels that come in completely unencrypted so that you can make sure you get a picture before you activate. If you have a doubt as to whether your dish is even functioning, tune to Channel 1 and if you get a picture, you know there is at least a basic level of function.

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