The Ultimate Guide to RV Cell Phone Boosters

RV owners need to know about cell phone signal boosters. These devices are the best source for fast internet in your recreational vehicle!

So, there it is, RVers. If you want fast internet in your RV – Who doesn’t? – get a cell booster. It really is that easy. It’s also a serious investment. Because of this, we expect you to o it’s natural to have questions about these devices. Like the title of this post says, this is the ultimate guide to RV cell phone boosters. As such, we feature the most frequently asked questions we get about cell boosters from other RV owners. We also answer them so everyone can learn more about them. Let’s get started…

“What is a Cell Phone Booster?”

We’re glad you asked! It’s a device that simultaneously improves incoming and outgoing cellular signals. The benefit here is that it’s an excellent solution for ending dropped calls and missed texts. Since cell phone boosters improve your cellular signal, they also improve your mobile internet speeds. This means a boost to your favorite phone games. It also benefits your ability to stream your favorite shows. So, for all intents and purposes, improved cellular signal means improved internet inside your RV, motorhome, or camper.

“How Does a Cell Phone Booster Work?”

Wow! Another great question. To understand how cell boosters operate, you must understand the three main elements that make up these devices. These are:

  1. An outdoor antenna,
  2. The booster itself,
  3. And an indoor antenna.

Here’s how those three main components work together to improve cellular signal in your RV:

  • The outdoor antenna accesses voice, 4G, and LTE data signal.
  • The antenna delivers the signal to the booster.
  • The booster receives the signal, amplifies it, and sends it to the indoor antenna.
  • The indoor antenna broadcasts boosted signal throughout your vehicle.

It’s important for you to know that this process works for incoming and outgoing calls and texts. In other words, a cell phone booster keeps you covered!

“Will it Work with 5G?”

The cell boosters we carry boost 4G and LTE signal. They also work with most nationwide 5G. As more carriers continue to put 5G on frequencies they used to use for 3G, your booster will give great results inside your RV. They won’t work with the new millimeter-wave 5G, though. You must be in range of those high-frequency signals to receive them. If you’re in range, you won’t need a booster to get them. If you’re out of range, a booster can’t help. Keep in mind that millimeter-wave 5G is still evolving. Right now, it seems limited to areas with dense pedestrian populations such as big cities, stadiums, etc. The cellular carriers are currently focused on building 5G availability.

“Is This Like a Cell Phone Signal Booster?”

It’s the exact same thing. In fact, there are a handful of words that are synonymous with the term “cell phone booster.” Some of them are:

  • Signal booster
  • Cell booster
  • Cell phone signal booster
  • Cellular signal booster
  • Cell amplifier
  • Cell phone amplifier

All these terms refer to the electronic device that solves your issue – how to get internet in your RV.

“Will a Cell Booster Improve My Signal Everywhere I Go?”

These devices will improve your signal in MOST places you go. If you have at least half of a bar on your phone, a signal booster will help you. That’s because you’re close enough to a cellular tower to receive signal. When you boondocking, however, that might be a problem. Some state parks and RV campgrounds are way out in the middle of nowhere. If there is not cellular signal to these places, then your booster can’t help you. The good news is that the cellular carries continue to put towers up all over the place. This means there are fewer dead zones across the country.

“Will it Work With my Phone Carrier?”

Yes. Full stop. The weBoost cell phone signal boosters that we carry work with ALL U.S. carriers. They also work with ALL cellular phones. These are two of many reasons who a cell booster is the perfect connectivity solution in your RV. You’ll get boosted calls and texts – both incoming and outgoing – plus faster internet speeds.

“Do I Have to Pay Monthly?”

No. There are no monthly costs associated with cell phone signal boosters. You just buy the booster, install it, and enjoy boosted cellular communication and internet. The fact that there are NO monthly fees makes these devices an amazing bargain. You can enjoy boosted cellular calls, texts, and internet in your RV and not worry about paying for anything else.

“How Much Does a Cell Booster Cost?”

There are three cell phone boosters that we recommend for RVs. These devices are made by weBoost, a top manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters. The price range for these products is $479.99-$649.99. Our signal booster experts will help you determine which one of these weBoost boosters is best for your recreational vehicle. There’s something you need to remember about buying a cell phone booster: once you do, there’s nothing else to buy. There are no monthly fees to pay why you enjoy boosted cellular calls, texts, and internet in your RV.

Get Your RV Cell Phone Signal Booster

Solid Signal carries three cell boosters that are ideal for RV use. These are made by weBoost, a top manufacturer of these devices. If you have questions or need a product recommendation, don’t hesitate to give our US-based service team a call. You can reach them at 877-312-4547. You can also fill out this easy form below and send it to us. A cell phone booster expert on our team will be in touch.

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