“Undefined OSD” error?

We’ve read several cases where a DIRECTV receiver will fail to boot and the only message will be “Undefined OSD.” Courtesy of our members texasbrit and litzdog911, here is the solution (originally posted at the DIRECTV forums.)

  •  Either call DirecTV support (1 800 DIRECTV), or be ready in your DirecTV.com account to resend authorizations (http://www.directv.com/resend)
  • Reset your Receiver/DVR (red button behind front panel access card door)
  • Watch the on-screen messages as the Receiver/DVR reboots
  • At the point that the messages “downloading guide data”, resend the authorization (either with a phone rep or via http://www.directv.com/resend)
  • After the authorization is re-sent, reset the DVR again (red button)

The “trick” is to reboot, resend the authorization, then reboot again within 30-min. This forces the Guide Data to be rebuilt.

Thanks to all who suggested that we post this.

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