HOW TO DO IT: Create a favorites list on DIRECTV receivers

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1500 channels? It’s a little much for anyone to get through. No one thinks that all 1500 channels are going to appeal to you, especially with some of them being sports that maybe you don’t like, some being in languages you don’t speak, some even being channels you don’t get. But, when you start up your DIRECTV receiver for the first time, there they are, all 1500 of them. What to do?

The answer is… create a favorites list. DIRECTV actually lets you have two favorites lists, plus a third list that shows you (roughly) the channels you get, so you don’t have to pound through 1500 channels. It’s easy to do.

Start by pressing {MENU} on your remote. You’ll see a screen like the one above. Use the down arrow to go to “Settings & Help.” Press {SELECT}.

Then, use the right arrow to make sure “Favorite Channels” is highlighted and press {SELECT} again.

Here you have the option to choose a favorites list that you want to switch to or edit. You’ll see that one of the lists is already called “FAVORITES” because it’s been set up. On your receiver it will be called “Custom 1” until you name it something else.

To start building a list, highlight its name at left and press {SELECT}. Make sure “Edit List” is selected, and then start scrolling down the list at right. Press {SELECT} on any channel you want on the list. You can also start with a list of channels you get and then press {SELECT} to take channels off the list. If you accidentally selected something, select it again and the check mark will go away. When you are done, press the left arrow until “Edit List” is selected again.

At this point you probably want to name the list. It’s ok if you don’t, but you could name a list for your kids, and another one for you. Or, you could put all the premium or on demand channels on one list and all the free ones on another. It’s completely up to you. When you’re done press {EXIT} to go back to live TV.

Once you have your favorites lists set up it’s very easy to switch to them or to add or remove channels. Press {INFO] and you’ll see the top banner pop up. Press the right arrow until you see “Favorites” highlighted. Highlight a favorites list and press {SELECT} to use it. If the channel you’re on is already on the list you’re using, you can remove it, and if it isn’t, you can add it. You can even go back into the setup menu to make big changes to the favorites lists.

Now, you’re on your way to watching TV your way!

Here’s a short video that shows the same information:

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