Introducing the new DIRECTV DSWM30 Multiswitch!

It’s here! Solid Signal rolls out the very first review of the DSWM30 Digital SWM Multiswitch from DIRECTV! These are available in very small quantities from Solid Signal now and we are expecting more to ship very soon. The DSWM30 supports up to 30 tuners depending on configuration and is the easy way for you to get ready for future 4K programming from DIRECTV. If you have an existing external multiswitch like the SWM-8 or SWM-16 it is a direct swap in many cases, but you may want to read our review for some limitations because the outputs don’t work the same as they do in the older multiswitches.

If you have an existing SWM-enabled dish, the Reverse Band 3 LNB might be a better choice for you, because it would be an easier swap, but for commercial installs and older home installs, the DSWM30 is a great fit.

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