Weekend Project: Install a Cell Booster

So you’re going to spend a lot of time inside this winter. You ditched your land line years ago. Problem is, you didn’t think it all the way through and you have dead spots in the house. You’ve been living with them all this time because you didn’t realize you could do something about it.

A cell booster is the answer.

A cellular signal booster like this one is exactly what you’re looking for. It takes signal from outside and rebroadcasts it even stronger inside. As long as you can get one bar while standing on your roof, you can get good signal inside. Installing a cell booster is a quick and easy fix. It’s really as easy as 1,2,3 (and sometimes 4).

(1) Mount the antenna to the highest point on your house that you possibly can.

For a lot of people, they’ll mount the outdoor antenna on the same mast as their TV antenna. Even if you don’t use that antenna, it could be up there and the mast could work just great. Other options include chimney pipes or other tall structures. Your cell booster will come with some mounting options but if you need more, check out the great selection here.

(2) Run the cable inside the house.

Your booster kit will come with enough cable to run to the booster in most cases. Unless you choose an industrial-quality booster, the cable you’ll use is the same kind that’s used in cable and satellite. So, you may have some lying around if you need more. If you don’t, get some at Solid Signal or at your local home store.

Many new boosters come with something like this now. It’s a short, flat cable that will let you run the outside cable through a window or door frame and still let you close the window or door. If your booster didn’t come with one, no problem – we have plenty at Solid Signal.

(3) Connect the cable to the booster

Look for a port on the booster that says “Outside antenna.” All you have to do is connect it up. Don’t plug it in yet, unless the booster has an attached antenna.

(4 maybe) Connect the inside antenna

Some boosters have an indoor antenna that is separate from the booster. Others don’t. Really it’s a matter of personal preference. Those boosters with separate indoor antennas usually give you more flexibility and the indoor antenna is generally smaller and less obtrusive.

Once everything is connected, plug in the booster and start enjoying your improved cell service!

Choose the right cell booster from Solid Signal

Solid Signal is your source for cellular signal boosters. You’ll find all the best brands in one place at the best prices on the internet. Shop for a cell phone signal booster by figuring out how much area you have to cover and choosing a booster which will cover that much area. The coverages are estimates of course, because every home is different.

Once you’re happy with the cellular coverage you have at home, you’ll be addicted! Luckily Solid Signal has cell boosters for vehicles of all sizes and large spaces up to 100,000 square feet. If that’s not big enough for you, contact our Business Enterprise Solutions team who can help create a system that’s big enough for a skyscraper!


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