What if your DIRECTV box says “Get Waiver?”

Have you recently installed a new DIRECTV box by yourself? Have you gotten to the screen above and have you seen the big red X marks? Is there a message that says “Get Waiver?” I get it, that’s not super clear.

Luckily you have a friend in the business.

What a waiver is

A waiver is special permission from DIRECTV that lets you continue on. That screen you see is intended to tell you that there’s a problem. Something isn’t right in your satellite setup. Generally, for most people, the answer is calling a technician out.

However, marine and RV customers are a special breed. The way that mobile dishes react is different from the way that regular dishes react. Sometimes that causes problems during the “installation verification” phase and those problems aren’t really there. But, you get stuck at that screen and can’t go any further.

When you really need one

If you get the screen above and you’re using a plain-jane satellite setup, chances are there’s a problem. You don’t want to blow past that screen without doing something about it. But, if you’re replacing a box that worked perfectly fine before, you generally don’t have to worry about the problem. There’s something there, sure, but it’s not affecting your normal viewing.

This happens most of all if you’re trying to activate the box during bad weather. Yes, there is rain fade sometimes although it’s rare. This installation verification screen tries to simulate the worst case scenario and let you know when there could be a problem. But, if the weather’s bad and you’re not worried about it, it could be time for a waiver. You could wait for sunny weather, but why? Why not get things taken care of now?

How to get a waiver

If you try to go through DIRECTV’s call center, they’ll assume your an installer. They might just try to dispatch someone out to “fix” your DIRECTV. This could take a little while, and if you’re in an RV or boat, it just might not be necessary. Regular installers will just as often throw their arms up in the air when they see a mobile install. They’re just not trained for it.

The better choice is to call Signal Connect at 888-233-5763. No one does more mobile activations than Signal Connect. We’re AT&T and DIRECTV dealers and can help you quickly. We use the same systems that DIRECTV call centers use, but we do it better. We can get that waiver for you, fast. And we can take care of everything so you don’t have to worry about it.

Call Signal Connect now if it’s during East Coast business hours. If it’s after hours, you’ll still do better with us than you would do with the big, overseas DIRECTV call center.  We generally respond within one business day. You’ll be connected with an expert who knows just how to take care of everything. They’ll be your point of contact for any problem you have, and they’ll rapidly become your “friend in the business.” Just fill out the form below to get started!

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