What is the most powerful cell signal booster?

Cellular signal boosters work really well in homes, but did you realize they can work just as well in large areas? You’re probably familiar with the weBoost line, and how they bring cell phone signals in from outside, flooding your home or car with great service. You have to admit that good cell signal is a must these days, and that going somewhere else to make a call or use the internet might not be a possibility.

But, the day is coming when we will all be back in the world again. It’s going to happen. When it does, you’re not going to stop using your phone. You’ll use it more, if that’s even possible. And, if you’ve gotten used to having great cell service at home you’ll want it everywhere.

This one goes out the top dogs

Maybe I’m lucky enough to have attracted the attention of some large commercial land owners. Maybe you own a mall, a sporting facility, even a bowling alley. You’re anxious to get back to business. When your customers come back — and they will — you want to make sure you’re taking care of them. That includes making sure there’s good cell service. Obviously your customers don’t come to you for the good cell service, but they sure will leave if they don’t get it.

The solution for large areas is the WilsonPro Enterprise 4300 Indoor Cellular Amplifier Kit. This one kit has everything you need to cover areas up to 100,000 square feet with great coverage. It won’t “max out” with too many users and it will help you avoid the dreaded “dead spots.”

You can place its four antennas where you need them in order to blanket a large area with service, and if you have smaller rooms in that large space you can add even more antennas to tailor the service to exactly what you need

And if that’s not enough…

You can add multiple WilsonPro units to cover even larger areas. Beyond that you’d need what we call a “carrier DAS,” which is essentially your own cell tower designed to work inside large buildings. These things are massive beasts that sit on top of a building roof and cost upwards of six figures. It’s the sort of thing that you would negotiate with the carrier for. They would pay for some of it, you would pay for some of it.

No matter the size, get the cell booster you need from Solid Signal

Whether you’re trying to get signal in an area 10 square feet or 100,000, you’ll find the right solution by shopping for a cellular signal booster from Solid Signal. You’ll find all the hottest brands, all the hot new products, and of course you can get all the advice you need by calling 888-233-7563 or getting a free cellular booster recommendation from a certified technician.

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