What’s the best antenna signal meter?

Trust me you really don’t want to know. If you want a top-notch measuring device you’ll pay for it. The spectrum analyzer you see above, which can measure all aspects of a signal, runs about a grand and we have ones that cost ten times as much. Do you really need something like that?

Probably not, unless you’re a serious professional.

The thing is, the right meter for you is the one that tells you everything you need. Something like this King signal meter is perfect if all you’re trying to do is get good signal when you know roughly where to put the antenna. That may be all you need. If you’re looking to get real, honest signal levels there are some better meters for your antenna like our Digiair Pro ATSC. It will tell you what the strength is on any particular channel, plus give you some basic information about the signal like the amount of noise and the errors in the digital signal. That’s enough for almost every single antenna enthusiast out there.

Why would you need more data than that? Only a real RF engineer would. If you’re in charge of broadcasts of some sort, you need something that can truly analyze every aspect of a signal and determine what it’s about. Folks like that worry about interference, about how clean the broadcast signal is at the tower, and about what effect the broadcast is having on other broadcasts. That’s the sort of thing that you really need a high-end meter to check.

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