What’s the deal with splitters from Prime Electronics?

Is one of these splitters a ripoff?

At the bottom is a splitter with a DIRECTV and SWM logo labeled MSPLIT4-R1-02. It sure looks legit. But what’s that above it? The label is on upside down, it’s the wrong color, and it’s labeled MSPLIT4-R1-03. There’s no DIRECTV logo. Instead the fine print says, “Prime Electronics and Satellite Inc. Pro Brand International Inc.” Is that some sort of knockoff?

Absolutely not.

We don’t know why the splitters from Prime Electronics don’t have the DIRECTV logo, but they are 100% DIRECTV-approved parts and were shown a recent DIRECTV dealer show alongside the more familiar DIRECTV-logo-bearing ones.

DIRECTV uses many different manufacturers for its parts… many enthusiasts are aware that the last three digits on a receiver model indicate the manufacturer. For example, your HR24-100 was made by Technicolor; if it were and HR24-500 it would have been made by Pace. The splitters are also made by different companies. The R1-02 models are made by Zinwell, who makes the SWM modules for DIRECTV, and the R1-03 models are made by Prime.

These splitters are a one-for-one replacement for any other DIRECTV green-label splitter and you can use them with confidence. When you order a 4-way splitter from Solid Signal or any other DIRECTV-approved whole-home splitter you will get an approved part, regardless of the manufacturer. All the splitters should perform the same and are built to the same standards.

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