What’s on your spring “to do list?”

In a couple of weeks, spring will be here. It’s been a mild winter for much of the country. No matter, though — there is still work to once the remaining snows thaw and it’s safe to be up on a ladder again. Here are some things you should be thinking about as you move into the spring season:

Antenna maintenance

If you have an over-the-air antenna, make sure all the connections are tight and that the antenna itself hasn’t suffered from the winter storms. If it’s starting to look bent and beat up, you might want to consider a new one from the great selection at Solid Signal. Even indoor antennas deserve a little love! Dusty and dry indoor conditions may mean your antenna’s looking a little forlorn. A gentle cleaning with a solution of one part vinegar to eight parts water will clean things up nicely. If it’s an amplified antenna, make sure it’s unplugged first and make sure it’s not plugged back in until it’s totally dry.

It’s worth a few moments to make sure that your antenna is aimed properly, too. This article on how to aim an antenna is one of our most popular. And, just because it doesn’t take long, do a rescan for channels. At this point pretty much all the markets in the US have completed their “repack.” There still could be some outliers, though. Don’t risk losing channels. It usually only takes a second.

Satellite dish maintenance

Satellite dishes are pretty amazing. For all the complex electronics they have, they hold up to the elements incredibly well. Take a careful look at your dish. Inspect it for any signs of rust or any water pooling inside the LNB. That’s the front part of the dish. If you’re not comfortable aiming a dish, be very careful not to touch it. Even the slightest move could affect your signal.

When checking your satellite system, it’s especially important to look at the connectors themselves. If you see any corrosion, especially any green specs on the connectors, it’s time to replace them. Look along the edge of the cables for any splits or any place that the outer sheath has started to break down.

When everything looks good on the outside, take a minute to locate any indoor equipment. Look for the power inserter. It’s grey and looks like this:

This is one of the most important parts of your system. It controls whether or not your dish is powered and without it, you’ll get nothing. Make sure it’s firmly connected to the outlet and that it hasn’t gotten pushed under a piece of furniture. Power inserters are happy when they have good airflow around them.

Home networking

Let’s face it. You spend as much time streaming as you do watching live TV. So, your home network setup should be checked every year. Are you still using that cable-company-supplied router from ten years ago? Things have improved and maybe it’s time to upgrade. Do you have good Wi-Fi everywhere? If not, it might be time to add a Wi-Fi repeater or access point.  There are options for every budget available at Solid Signal.


I nag you about grounding about once a quarter. But, I know a lot of you ignore it. This is the simplest upgrade and it will save you so much money if there’s an emergency. Learn where to get more information about what you need, then get grounding supplies at Solid Signal.

Get the upgrades you need

Chances are you’ll be spending a lot more time outdoors in the coming months. Your home theater really served you well when the days were short and cold, and it’s going to be there for you again next winter. All it takes is a little maintenance. When you do find parts that need replacement, check out the great selection at SolidSignal.com for everything you need!

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