What’s the best cell booster for an RV?

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Summer 2020 can be defined by two words: “recreational vehicle.” RV sales are at their all-time highest, driven by people who want to get out of town safely. But of course, just because you want to get out of town doesn’t mean you want to be disconnected. For the passengers, streaming isn’t just a possibility. It’s mandatory. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to go back to those days when there was nothing to do on long drives but play “slug bug.”

Of course you’re going to use your phone.

You’re going to use your phone for directions and traffic. You’re going to use it to figure out where the next rest stop is. Your passengers will be on it constantly. But what can you do about those long stretches of road with bad cell service?

Even more important, what happens when you get to the campground only to find that the cell service is spotty at best? You want to settle into a nice night of bingewatching, but there’s no way it’s going to work if you’re in the middle of the woods. There has to be a better answer.

Get a cell booster

A cellular signal booster is the answer to bad cell service. RVs themselves can block signals, and signals can also be blocked by other vehicles. The answer to both of these problems is to put a large antenna on the roof of the RV and them pump that strong signal into the RV over a wire. A powerful amplifier monitors all the signals coming in and out and makes sure they aren’t over-amplified, which could cause even more problems.

Cell boosters install easily and generally don’t take a professional to do the work. There’s one cable that is fed out to the roof of the RV and it can generally be fed through existing pathways. There’s no real downside to a cell booster, either. It works with all brands of phones, with all carriers, and doesn’t create any security risk for the people using it. Best of all, cell boosters cost less than premium-level phones and the cell booster you buy today could outlast your next 5 phones and still works great.

This is the one to buy

This is weBoost’s Drive Reach Fleet version. Starting with weBoost’s most powerful mobile amplifier, the Fleet version adds more powerful antennas for a perfect RV experience. The outdoor antenna is compact and designed for a lifetime spent in the elements. The indoor antenna fits nearly anywhere and floods the cabin with great signal.

We only offer the Drive Reach Fleet through our phone reps, because we’ve been able to make deals that are so good we can’t even talk about them on the internet. It’s worth a phone call to 888-233-7563 to talk to our reps about the Drive Reach Fleet. With expedited shipping you can have one in your hands in a day or so, and be ready to go! We’ll ship anywhere in the USA that you happen to be, so don’t worry that you started a trip without a cell booster. All that matters is that you end the trip with one. It’s going to make things so much better.


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