What’s the smallest antenna I can get?

This question comes across our customer service lines fairly often. I don’t understand it myself, but it seems like there are some people who don’t like the look of antennas. I don’t know why, but then again I’m the sort of person who really loves this stuff.

Getting right to it

It’s hard to imagine an antenna smaller than this HD-Blade, made by Solid Signal. It’s just a couple of inches tall and no wider than most laptop computers. It’s incredibly thin, just a couple of millimeters thick. If you’re looking for something that will fit in with your decor, I have to figure that it will satisfy that need for a small antenna.

But, is small really right?

This antenna is listed as having up to 30 mile range. And, it does. It’s surprisingly good especially for an antenna its size. But that distance estimate comes with a couple of assumptions. For example, that you have a clear view of the towers. And, that there aren’t any trees or buildings blocking the the view.

It’s much safer to say that you can get great reception if you can see the towers. Imagine yourself in northern New Jersey, able to see the Empire State Building in the distance. This antenna will do great for you. The same is true for folks in Chicagoland who can see the Willis Tower and the John Hancock building. But, for someone in the deep woods of Colorado, this may not be the right antenna even if you’re pretty close.

Think differently.

Yes, apologies to Steve Jobs and his long-remembered slogan, it’s “think differently“, not “think different.” And I’d encourage you to do it, no matter how you say it. It isn’t really important how big your antenna is, if it gets good signal. A small antenna that doesn’t get reception is nothing but a paperweight. Even worse it’s an expensive paperweight.

If you’re worried about antenna size, it’s best to choose an antenna that will work in your area. How can you know? Luckily you can count on professionals. You can get a recommendation from a real antenna technician by filling out this form. Take it from me — this isn’t just someone looking at an app. These are real experts who will evaluate your information and choose the right antenna with your area. They’ll send you a list that includes the antenna, and also all of the accessories you’ll need. Sometimes that antenna may be a little bigger than you’d prefer. Yes, I get that. But it’s the antenna that should help you get reception in your area. Different areas need different antennas.

Shop the great selection

If you’re looking for antennas, you’ll find the best ones when you shop at Solid Signal. We have a great selection of all the popular brands. Whether you need an antenna that’s 2 feet  long or 9 feet long, you’ll find everything you need. Need tech support after the sale? That’s another reason to shop at Solid Signal. We’ll get you the help you need. You can’t say that about some of those larger web sites.

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