What’s the strangest place you can get internet?

The promise of the internet is that you’ll get it everywhere. You’ll no longer be tied to a library, a business, or even a home. But is that really possible?

Sure, everyone knows you can get internet on your phone That’s pretty easy. You might even know you can get internet when traveling on a plane. Points for that, but did you know there are a lot of places you can get internet that you didn’t think of? In fact, there are very few places that you can’t get internet service. Maybe you didn’t consider:

Cruise ships

Every cruise ship needs internet. Why? Because people on cruises demand it. The whole cruise industry seems to constantly need propping up, you know every time someone gets sick on a cruise or a ship runs aground. Making sure that people have good internet is just common sense. The buffets aren’t going to attract them like they used to.

Oil Rigs

Oil rigs are perfect for internet service. They’re usually just far enough offshore that they can’t get cell service and yet there’s a bunch of folks living there and they have to do something in the evenings.

Desert hideouts

Look, no judgments here. There are a lot of perfectly legitimate reasons someone would live in a trailer in the middle of the desert; some of them don’t even sound remotely like they belong in a Tarantino film. But if you’re far from civilization, you don’t need to miss out on entertainment. Even when there’s no cell service, you still want to feel connected.

Lots of other places

But, you know, there are a lot of places you can get internet service that you didn’t really consider. It’s tempting to think that internet service is “just everywhere” but there’s a lot of work that goes into making sure that people can connect when they want to.

What can you do when there’s no wired internet? You’ll turn to your phone. But what if even that’s not an option? You don’t have to be in an incredibly remote location. You may not have cell service on your ranch if you have a lot of land. Remember cell towers need to be spaced about a mile apart and you could potentially have more land than that.

The solution is satellite-based internet, or VSAT as we call it. Using a simple setup that requires practically no maintenance, you can get fast internet on land, sea, or air. If you can see the sky, you can get internet in most cases. Yes, that means that the desert hideout would need a satellite antenna in plain view. I’m sure the people who lurk there would have a way of disguising it.

Get serious about satellite internet

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