Introducing DIRECTV Genie

In the deepest darkest regions of the internet, we’ve been hearing rumors. The name “Genie” has been discussed in several places, and we’re happy to give you all the details!

Genie is DIRECTV’s new name for its HR34 Super DVR. We did a video and review showing it several months ago. It’s been available to new and existing customers for a few months but now DIRECTV is really ramping up its marketing.

The trend today is toward naming devices with friendly names, and it has been for several years. You hear about the iPhone and Galaxy Nexus, and of course DISH’s Hopper. DIRECTV has moved in this direction as well with Genie, and you can be sure that you’ll hear a lot about it in the coming months.

The C31 RVU Client that we reviewed here a few weeks ago looks like it’s getting a name change too. We’re hearing that it will now be known as the “Genie client.” That makes sense.

We’re also hearing rumors of some advanced logic on Genie that will help you find new shows. It sounds like this is more than DIRECTV’s current “You Might Like” logic found on all its HD DVRs. As soon as we get confirmation of this, you can bet you’ll see a review and a video here.

It looks like existing customers will only be able to get Genie and Genie clients through … of course that’s subject to change. Right now the Genie is available here and we’re working hard to get pre-orders set up for the Genie clients.

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