Which is better for RV’ing… antenna or satellite?

Well, of course it depends on how much you spend. Most people don’t know that there are some really excellent satellite solutions available for RVs, but they do come at a cost.

If you want to watch TV while moving… believe it or not a satellite dish is your only choice. Digital TV signals break up if you’re going faster than about 15 miles per hour. It’s just the way they are. There are in-motion systems for RVs, though… but you need to know that they aren’t cheap. If video is your thing while you’re moving, you’re better off streaming it from the internet or bringing something recorded.

If you’re setting up for the night… an antenna system on a tripod can be a great choice. It’s easy to put down and not at all expensive. You’re limited to what you can get over the air, but on the other hand a satellite subscription usually won’t give you local channels at all. Permanently mounted antennas are also available, and they’re convenient but not as popular since you can’t watch TV while moving and they do tend do cost a lot.

If high definition is your thing… there are roof-mounted satellite dishes that you can aim, and also the Trav’ler series from Winegard is available which pretty much aims itself if you put it on a level surface. The problem is that the self-aiming dishes are only HD if you have DISH… DIRECTV’s HD technology isn’t compatible with these less-expensive self-aiming dishes. There’s no doubt that antenna TV is the best for HD if you’re out on the road.

But still, if cost is no object, there are options. The best one is a dome that’s actually designed for a marine vessel, so mounting it on an RV can be a little tricky. The few people I’ve known who’ve done it have put it on the rear of the RV so it doesn’t stick up so high. With a solution like this, however, you can get real true HD even while driving. Just be prepared to spend as much as a good used car when you’re all done.

A lot of folks think that an RV store is the best place to get a permanent installation, but at SolidSignal.com we deal with dissatisfied customers from RV stores all the time. The technicians there just don’t have the training required to properly install an RV system. If you call us at SolidSignal.com, at 877.312.4547, we can help you get the help you need for a true professional install.

Of course, if you’re more budget-minded, you’ll probably be thinking of an antenna and a tripod. Call your Solid Signal rep at 877.312.4547 and we’ll make sure that you get the right recommendation for you… something that fits the budget and is easy to set up so you can get down to a night of relaxing while out on the road.